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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, please call or email us and we'll be happy to help.

Select your camper options, installation method, and submit your non refundable $500 deposit. You'll be contacted via email within 24 hours with an estimate to confirm your options, then billed for 50% of your total minus $500 once confirmed to secure your place. Keep in mind, your $500 deposit does not guarantee your build in the queue until your build options are finalized and 50% payment is received. Final 50% payment, and $1,500 shipping when applicable, is billed 1-2 weeks ahead of your installation. 

- 4 powder coat color choices in super durable grade
- Front and rear fixed acrylic camper window
- 2" foam mattress pads with washable covers
- Truck specific mounting hardware & free installation at our facility in Ventura, CA
- Keyed tailgate door locks
- 2 year limited warranty

Mesa ~250 lbs 
Badlander ~325 lbs 

These are based off 6 foot truck beds, base model with no accessories

- 5 foot beds: 18"
- 5.5 foot beds: 22"
- 6 foot beds: 28"
- 6.5 foot beds: 30"

Tacoma/Colorado/Canyon: 29.5"
Frontier/Gladiator/Ranger/F150/Tundra/Ram/ Sierra/Silverado: 31"

While we'd love to build for every make, year, and model, we don't offer custom one-off builds. We do not have plans for the Honda Ridgeline, Ford Maverick, or 8 foot beds in the near future. 

In the last step of configuring your build, choose whether you'd like your camper shipped to your home, or a certified installer. We charge a single shipping rate of $1,500 to either your home in the lower 48, or certified installer, and you'll be billed this amount when your camper is ready to leave our facility.* If you are requesting delivery to your home, you are required to be at your home during the window of time the freight company provides in order to accept delivery.

Badlander: 3.5"
Mesa: 5"

We do not provide a means to lock yourself inside (keyed from the outside), however, you can DIY your own with a carabiner to the cam latch.

For Tacoma and 3rd gen Tundras, we use a total of 8 C clamps along the bed rails, and one L bracket against the cab. All other trucks are bolted through with grade 8 hardware and stainless brackets.

It depends. Environmental factors such as temperature, where the load is distributed, and the rated force of your struts will all play a role in how much dynamic weight the roof can support when open. Static load ratings for the Badlander camper are 150 lbs, and 100 lbs for Mesa.

We use a combination of high quality bulb gasket, butyl putty, and weather proof tape. We do recommend you seal underneath the plastic bed caps before your installation for best results.

Yes, when installed at our shop space.

Condensation will occur without ventilation/heating/insulation. The best line of defense against condensation is ventilation. In winter months, a diesel exchange or propane exchange (not buddy heater) will greatly help to eliminate condensation.

Yes, many folks opt to use a diesel heater. How you plumb the heat in is up to you, but if you have a 40x12 sliding window the easiest way is with a window insert port.

Not many of our fully loaded campers will be above 400 lbs, with most campers hovering around 300-350 lbs including accessories. For this reason, we recommend waiting until the camper is installed before you go spending more money on suspension. You may find you don't notice the camper much at all. 

Seriously, we get asked this question a lot. Yes. Make sure your attachment points are secure, and go buck wild. The campers we build are stout. 

While we get asked this question often, we pulled our financing option we once offered. Why? Simply that the service was never used. Most of our customers apply for an RV loan through their bank with more favorable terms. 

Yes, but you will have to let us know ahead of your build, otherwise your brackets will be installed on each end of the camper body by default. 

  • 50"W x 80"L (mid size)
  • 52"W x 80"L (full size)

500 lbs.


Browse our collection of videos for an in-depth look at our camper shells, accesories and the operation and care of our products.

Get in touch. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to come see a Topo Topper in person, please contact us.



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